AVID Acceptance Requirements

  • Average to above average grade point average (GPA).

  • Must be a hard worker, have a positive attitude and the desire to work collaboratively with others.

  • Must take at least one advance course and one high school class while in AVID.

  • AVID scholar may be the first to attend college or a university.

AVID Schoolwide Domains

  • Instruction promotes:

    • WICOR Strategies

    • 21st Century Skills

    • Student Leadership Skills

    • Goal-Setting/Monitoring

    • Rigor for All

  • Systems support:

    • AVID Site/District Teams

    • Professional Learning

    • Secondary AVID Elective Classes

    • Equity and Access to Rigorous Courses

    • Data Collection and Analysis

  •  Leadership ensures:

    • Strategic Planing

    • Modeling of Expectations

    • College Readiness Mission and Vision

    • Career Readiness

    • Distributed Leadership Approach

  •  Culture fosters:

    • College Awareness and Preparation

    • Common Belief in Student Success

    • Family and Community Involvement

    • High Expectations for All

    • Positive and Safe Learning Environment

Advance Mathematics 7b/8a ~  Student enrollment 9

9th Grade Algebra ~  Student enrollment 10

9th Literature ~  Student enrollment 14

High School Health ~  Student enrollment 10

Advanced Course Offerings

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